Frequently asked questions

The entrance to New Year’s Eve in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate is free. Purchasing tickets is not required.

To get to the party mile, there are the following possible entrances:

Entrance Ebertstraße by Behrenstraße
Entrance Ebertstraße by Dorotheenstraße
Entrance Straße des 17. Juni height Siegessaeule

A detailed overview of all entrances can be found in our map on this page.

The party mile opens at 2 pm on December 31st and remains open until 3:00 pm on January 1st.

In order to ensure the safety of all visitors at our event, we are working closely with the Berlin police. Together we are responsible for ensuring a safe event.

For security reasons, there will be extensive personal and pocket checks at the entrances to the party mile. These are carried out by our security team in coordination with the Berlin police. Therefore, when you enter the event, you may experience longer waiting times that should be taken into consideration when planning your visit.

It is important to note that backpacks, large bags, suitcases that exceed the size of the A4 format and fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited on the event grounds.

You are allowed to bring:

Tote bags
Gym bags
Fanny packs
Small handbags

It is also forbidden to bring sharp, pointed objects as well as those that can be used as a weapon. Glass bottles are also not permitted.
An overview of all banned items on the party mile can be found in the next section.

The following items are prohibited on the party mile for security reasons:

  • backpacks, large bags and suitcases
  • Weapons of any kind also including the items that can be used as weapons, bat, thrust, and stab weapons or as projectiles.
  • Gas spray cans, corrosive, flammable, colouring substances or vessels containing substances which impair health or are easily flammable (exception: Commercially available pocket lighters)
  • Bottles, mugs, jugs, cans or other objects made of glass or other fragile, shattering or particularly hard material.
  • Bulky items like ladders, stools, (folding) chairs, crates, big bags, backpacks, suitcases.
  • Fireworks, flares, smoke powders and bombs or other pyrotechnic items.
  • Flag or transparent rods longer than 1m or their diameters larger than 3cm, as well as “”double holders”” (flags and banners brought along or approved must be covered by their material under the term “”flame retardant””).
  • Larger quantities of paper or paper rolls
  • Mechanically operated noise instruments, such as megaphones, gas-pressure fanfares
  • Alcoholic beverages of all kinds
  • Animals
  • Laser pointer

There is a food area along the entire party mile, which provides a wide range of food and drinks. The hosts and teams of the individual stands look forward to your visit to provide you with hot and cold dishes, as well as various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The offer is subject to charges and the exact information on the prices can be found at the stands.

New Year’s Eve in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate is an open-air event. Therefore there is no canopy with the exception of individual tents and umbrellas in the gastro-areas. There are no seats on the party mile.

Please contact the police or our security on the site or leave our team a message on Facebook.

Of course, we will try everything to guarantee a smooth running of our events at the Brandenburg Gate. Therefore, the programme and the transmission is carried out even in the rain! However, there are also unforeseeable incidents and possible security concerns that leave us no choice but to cancel or abort the event. This can be the case in thunderstorms, storms and weather warnings.

As we don´t want you to miss the big party, information regarding travel and arrival can be found below:

Where exactly does the party at the Brandenburg Gate take place?

Our party for New Year’s Eve in Berlin takes place right in the heart of Berlin, in front of the Brandenburg Gate and extends over the entire mile to the Victory Column in the middle of the park. The mile can be reached through various entries.

Public transportation

If you would like to travel by public transportation, the following stations are the best choice for you:

S-Bahn station Brandenburg Gate or Tiergarten
Subway station Brandenburg Gate
Bus 100 or TXL station Brandenburg Gate

From these stations you can reach our entrances by foot (see map)

Please remember that there may be delays on New Year’s Eve. Here you can find information about departure times and tickets in Berlin.


Of course you can also travel by bike as this option is ideal for local residents and travelers from the surrounding area. Please note, however, that on New Year’s Eve, there is a possibility of vandalism around the mile and there are only limited bike parking spots available.


The area around the party mile is closed extensively and there is no parking space for our visitors. However, the following parking spaces are located in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate:

Car park Leipziger Platz
Car Park Mall of Berlin


Remember: We do not recommend a journey by car, as there are no parking facilities in the surrounding area and the event area around the Brandenburg Gate is closed down extensively.

Please plan enough time for your arrival, for security reasons you have to expect security checks on site. You will find what you can bring with you in our FAQs.

In order to avoid long waiting times, we recommend an early arrival (so good places in front of the stage are guaranteed!)

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